Al katem

Al katem restaurant was established in 2003
. We are a reliable, experienced and a well-known restaurant. We are specialized in Saudi food, where we deliver a good quality, long lasting relationship with our customers and a charming experience. We have only one branch in Doha, Qatar that serves a variety of delicious dishes.

Our Mission

Al katem restaurant exist to proudly promote and serve healthy, delicious and priceless meals. Our passion is to provide high standard food at the best price. Our commitment is to satisfy customers with great food and excellent customer service.

Our Vision

We are looking forward to introduce unique tasting food. We want to be exist, recognized and well known in every corner of Qatar because of our best quality, affordable prices and the availability to everyone, Everywhere




• Excellent customer service
• Excellent service delivery
• Excellent food knowledge
• Excellent motivated teams
• Excellent long term clients partnership and trust
• Excellent atmosphere and professionalism


We have the profession of managing and catering customers on basic criteria and steps. We are responsible for the overall daily operation starting from training staff, supervising employees to developing business strategies. We came up with good results after all these years. Now we are a well-known restaurant with loyal customers and good reputation.